Augmented exhibition. How a Graz-based children’s museum makes climate change tangible.

Augmented exhibition. How a Graz-based children’s museum makes climate change tangible.

Since 19th October, Graz has a new attraction: The Center of Science Activities. An old hat, internationally speaking? Not at all! Because in the emparting of knowledge, Graz-based CoSA puts emphasis on storytelling and gamification with augmented reality. That is unique worldwide.

A report by Kai, October 2019

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Please do touch! A museum of a different kind.

Four years of planning, an investment of about three million euros, and over 200 people involved in the realization: These figures already show how important their latest museum project is to the people of Graz. With the support of numerous sponsors from business and politics, the children’s museum FRida & freD and the Universalmuseum Joanneum have realized an innovative exhibition concept.

In the newly created Center of Science Activities (CoSA), young people from the age of 12 can truly experience technology and science on around 1,200 square meters: In an interactive and playful way employing various kinds of media. The aim is to inspire and to encourage participation. 


Immersive storytelling. Going on a discovery tour with a HoloLens.

Together with the children’s museum, we got to realize the highlight of a total of 13 different areas: CoSA_A(R)dventure. In three big rooms, visitors become immersed in fascinating worlds thanks to augmented reality headsets. A total of 40 HoloLenses allow 18 visitors to view the exhibition at the same time. That means the young people can go on a discovery journey together.


Inspired by an exciting narrative framework, visitors move through the rooms on their own accord and discover secrets and riddles that need to be solved. To do that, they control a number of virtually augmented hands-on exhibits. Always along for the ride: The little flying AR robot H.I.G.G.S. (Hyper Intelligent Guiding Gadget System). He is (mostly) helpful in solving the tasks.

In this playful manner, young people can gradually learn about the causes and consequences of climate change.

Stölzle Glasgruppe supports CoSA because it sharpens the young people's senses for technology, ecological topics, and sustainability with fun and games. For example, the visitors can experience with augmented reality how their actions and consumer choices impact the environment.

Georg Feith

CEO Stölzle Glasgruppe

Well supported. With innovative concepts into the future.

The realization of this pioneering project concerning knowledge transfer with AR storytelling and gamification was made possible in large parts also through the support of the Klaus Tschira Foundation. It has dedicated itself to the support of the sciences, mathematics, and informatics. Through the use of augmented reality headsets in the museum sector, the foundation aims to foster the interest of young people in the sciences: They should become agents who experience an adventure and thereby gain a new access to knowledge.

Photos: Universalmuseum Joanneum/J.J. Kuce


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