Despite corona. With social distancing and virtual queueing safely through the entertainment park.

Despite corona. With social distancing and virtual queueing safely through the entertainment park.

Like the entire industry, Europa-Park was also hit hard by the restrictions for the containment of the novel coronavirus. A creative solution was needed – as quickly as possible. Together we developed digital tools with which the park can open again for its visitors even under increased hygienic conditions. An interesting model for other companies and industries, too.

May 2020

Thanks to digital innovation. Recreational fun with increased safety.

It is Europa-Park’s top priority to protect the health and well-being of its guests and employees. As Germany’s biggest entertainment park and one of the biggest employers in the region, however, it also wants to re-open as soon as possible and give its visitors a wonderful time again – with the greatest possible safety for visitors and employees.


That’s why together we have worked at full speed to develop two innovative tools which allow our client to meet the high safety standards in times of the coronavirus: An autonomous social distancing app using a gamification approach and a virtual queuing feature for the existing Europa-Park mobile app.

Virtual queueing. For comfortable waiting.

We are integrating a virtual queueing feature for the attractions called “VirtualLine” into the existing Europa-Park mobile app, which we have also developed together with the client.

That way, visitors have to wait only a short time in front of the actual ride and they can keep the required safety distance in a comfortable way as well. Another advantage: Instead of standing in line, they can use the majority of their waiting time to take a relaxed stroll through the park.

Virtual queueing.
How it works.

With the Europa-Park app and their digital park ticket, visitors can simply check in at an attraction and get into the virtual queue from anywhere within the park. The app also tells them the approximate waiting time.

Afterwards, the visitors can continue to discover the park, go for an ice cream, etc. When they have progressed far enough in the virtual queue, the app informs them via push notification that it is time to go to the attraction because they're up soon.

Social distancing. Playfully keeping the distance.

In addition to the Europa-Park apps, we have develop another mobile app to motivate visitors to observe the distancing regulations. For that, Europa-Park chose a playful approach: The use of the newly created gamification app called “Distance Radar” is voluntary; however, fantastic surprises await those users who are considerate and abide by the rules during their visit.

Social distancing.
How it works.

In the app, users can check their current status regarding their compliance with the distancing rules. If they come below the minimum distance, the app notifies the affected users.

We use the Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) Standard for measuring the distance – the signal strength provides information about the distance between two smartphones.

Members of a family or small group can can assign their smartphones to a group in the app, which is then exempted from distance measuring.

Based on the average distance, a score is determined – and those who are in the "green zone" can win prizes, for example a “fast pass” for certain rides.

Of course, the visitors’ data privacy is essential. So for example, the tracking is only in place inside the park, secure encryption technologies are used, and no data is saved outside. Furthermore, all visit data that is not necessary for information chain purposes is automatically and irrevocably deleted on a daily basis, and the data is not used for any kind of advertising or marketing purposes.


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The Mack family and the entire Europa-Park team do everything in their power to make sure that visitors have a fabulous time. They are already looking forward to greeting their guests again!

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Two digital tools. Many possible applications.

Besides various other on-site measures, with these two tools the Europa-Park team can feel at ease when they open the gates again. Thanks to the smart technologies and frameworks we have used for the development, others can profit from them as well.

Together we develop these and other digital solutions for all companies and institutions that also need to take care that their visitors or employees keep the required distance. Thus, apart from the use in entertainment parks, it can also be sensible for zoos, botanical gardens, and museums, but also at conference centers or in large factories and assembly facilities.

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