Exozet becomes Endava.<br>One big new superhero family.

Exozet becomes Endava.
One big new superhero family.

Our team has grown immensely because as of today we have a new mother: Endava! As a next-generation technology services provider, the Endava family helps its clients become digital and experience-driven businesses. We are very pleased because it’s a perfect match – for us and our clients!

17 December, 2019
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Over the past months, there has been recurring news about German Startups Group wanting to sell their Exozet shares. Today, we can finally announce that we are making a valuable step into a larger ecosystem of digital delivery capabilities because today Endava purchased all shares of Exozet.

With over 5,900 employees in offices in North America and Western Europe and delivery units in Eastern Europe and South America, Endava is a leading next-generation technology services provider. Similar to Exozet but on a larger scale and internationally, Endava helps to accelerate disruption by delivering rapid evolution to enterprises.

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Here you find Endava's official press release concerning the acquisition and a lot of further information on the Endava website.

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Using Distributed Enterprise Agile at scale, Endava collaborates with its clients, seamlessly integrating with their teams, catalysing ideation and delivering robust solutions. Similar to Exozet, Endava helps its clients in becoming digital, experience-driven businesses by assisting them in their journey from idea generation to development and deployment of products, platforms and solutions. Among others, it services clients in payments and financial services, consumer products, retail, logistics and healthcare.

This merger marks a significant milestone in the development of Exozet and is great news for us as a company and for our clients.


As you can see from Endava Chief Executive John Cotterell’s statement to the press, both sides think that this is a great match:
“I am very pleased to bring Exozet into the Endava family. Exozet is well aligned with Endava’s approach to digital transformation and innovation and gives a significant boost to our close-to-client German-speaking talent. Additionally, Exozet expands our credentials in immersive experiences, media management and the automotive and broadcasting sectors, in each of which we see strong demand. This capability, combined with Endava’s wider skillset and capacity, can open more opportunities with each other’s existing clients as well as to new ones.”

What is very important to all of us is that we share the same vision, ethics and culture. It seems that a bunch of very committed and very nice people are coming together with this deal. That is why we look forward to a great new year with an even stronger team.