Design sprints.<br>Five days and one goal.

Design sprints.
Five days and one goal.

How much potential does my product idea have? How is it accepted by my target group? There are many ways to find answers to these essential questions. Almost all of them are tedious and exhausting. Almost all of them, because with design sprints, our customers reach their goal after just five days.

Focused work. As a team and with a view to the user.

The design sprint shortens the decision on whether to invest resources and budget in an idea to just five days. During this time, an interdisciplinary team concentrates on developing, modeling, and testing a product or service idea.

Our focus here is on interacting with the most important stakeholder – the end consumers. For them, the sprint team creates a realistic prototype within the week and uses it to check what works and how things can proceed.

Five days to the goal. This is how a design sprint works.


The start of the workshop is based on the maxim 'Map': On this day, the sprint team defines the framework for the entire week. It agrees on a concrete goal, collects questions, shares its previous knowledge, and interviews experts. It also outlines the current process on the topic as a map and names all stakeholders.


The second day is creative: Each team member gets suggestions from various areas and then develops their own ideas – structured and individual. At the end of the day, all ideas are prioritized together.


Wednesday is the day of decision: From the best ideas, the team selects the one with which it will continue to work and creates a storyboard as a template for the prototype.


Creating a prototype is the task on the penultimate day of the sprint. With a clear distribution of tasks, the team creates a model to handle and test.


Finally, the prototype is tested with real users. The sprint participants conduct interviews with them and evaluate the feedback. Based on that, they determine the next steps and plan possible iterations.

The sprint result is always a tested prototype. Depending on the goal, the prototype can take on different forms, for example on paper, as a role play of a service, or as source code. No matter in which form – at the end of the last sprint day, all participants know how much potential there is in the developed idea.

Space for creativity. With us you’ll find it in abundance.

What we can do for you.

We work methodically based on the sprint process by Google Ventures.

Our design sprints are clearly structured and solution-oriented. They combine, among other things, the best of the design thinking concept and the lean startup approach.

We moderate the sprint and support you in putting together your team.

You select an interdisciplinary team from your specialist departments, decision makers, and also lateral thinkers. We complement the circle of sprint participants with our experts according to your wishes and needs.

We create a concentrated working environment.

We want the participants of our formats to feel at home and to quickly find their way into joint, goal-oriented work far away from their everyday working lives. Our rooms are optimized for this: With lots of space, mobile whiteboards, movable furniture, and a great view. In our virtual reality lab, you can also experience the latest technologies live.

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