Exozet Design System.<br>User experience from a single mold.

Exozet Design System.
User experience from a single mold.

One consistent design for all digital services: In practice, that is often a challenge – particularly when it comes to a rebrush or relaunch. Because in these cases, it’s not only the design that counts but also the function behind it: How does an element interact with the user? With our Exozet Design System, we create a consistent look and feel for all your digital channels – and on top of that, we save a lot of time and money.

How it works: One design base for all touch points – including the front-end code.

Rebrush made easy. Optimizing the process and the result with our Design System.

Imagine you want to renew your corporate design on all digital channels: On all internal and external websites, shops, blogs, apps … sounds like a real challenge! All partner agencies and developers have to be briefed and supplied with design templates. All of them have to think about how the design should be implemented in the front end. Do they have to? No, not with our Exozet Design System! Here, everything happens centrally, immediately, and only once.

How that works?

It’s very simple: We turn the front-end design into a separate unit – detached from the various back ends and transmission channels. We develop coherently designed and optimally functioning front-end modules for all applications – and we manage them in one central library. Via interfaces or copy & paste, they can then be used quickly and comfortably in all your digital services.


The advantages.
5 good reasons for the Exozet Design System.


Marketing first. UX experts in the lead.

In our design approach, we focus on the habits, expectations, and needs of your target groups. Together with your marketing and communication experts, we not only develop the design but also the best user experience. And we do that from the same mold for all areas and services of your company – fully in line with your corporate identity.


Finished modules. Available for all developers.

Perfect design – for us that entails form and function. That’s why our creative team and front-end developers work together. They jointly develop the concept and design for the handling and interaction of every single module, and they implement it for the use in all your company’s front ends. That ultimately saves a lot of time and makes it easy for all developers: They can simply use the module code in their pages and apps, and expand it as necessary.


Consistent interfaces. For the best user journey.

With the central design library, you will not only save time and money though. You can also ensure that all user interfaces appear in the same look and feel because the pre-made front-end modules are thought through down to the last detail and developed to perfectly work with each other. That way, you can strengthen your brand and make the handling of all of your digital services as pleasant as possible for the users.


Centralized management. For fast updates.

All front-end modules are saved in one central database. That has several advantages. If you want to create new digital services or features, the developers can draw on existing modules and adjust or develop them further. These new modules are then saved in the design library as well and thereby become available to all other areas and developers. And if you want to make changes to your corporate design, it will be done centrally and only once. You can then transfer the result onto all digital services with the click of a button.


Evolution instead of revolution. Because it’s easy.

With our design approach, you can bring a breath of fresh air to your company. New ideas and technologies can be integrated into your existing landscape quickly and easily. And you can implement new insights and requirements – from user tests, for example – in all channels immediately and without much effort. That way, you can ensure that your digital services are continuously developed and optimized. That’s how digital transformation works!


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