Digital leadership.<br>Leading successfully into the future!

Digital leadership.
Leading successfully into the future!

Digital change not only means introducing new technologies and digitalized processes, but also creating a change of culture in the company. This is where the management level has to take charge.

New thinking and actions. The challenges of digital change.

Those who want to be successful today – and in the future – need strong managers. And in times of digital change, this means having a true will to change and to think and act accordingly. Because digital change affects everyone today. Digitalization is reaching into all areas of our working life:

Work processes and skills

Digital tools and processes are changing the way we work together and require new forms of organization and employee skills.

Communication and leadership

Colleagues who grew up with digital media – the "digital natives" – expect a new kind of leadership and communication.

Product and service development

New user habits and expectations challenge entire business models and areas, and require innovative and agile processes to develop new products and services.

Recognizing and seizing opportunities. We’ll show you how.

There are real opportunities for companies that take on the challenges of digital change head-on and with courage. They can secure their business, open up new business areas, attract talent, work more efficiently, and increase productivity – and thus be successful on the market in the long term.

We support you in truly living digital change and in establishing it in your company culture. We do the digital fitness check with you, give impulses from theory and practice, and teach you concrete methods and tools.

Our “Digital Leadership” intensive workshop. For your digital fitness.

New Work: Our Managing Director and Consultant Peter Skulimma presents game-changing approaches.

In our two-day “Digital Leadership” workshop, you will learn what skills you need to become a leader that can meet the demands of an increasingly digital world, and how to use them to your advantage. You will leave the workshop with a sophisticated set of tools and methods, inspiring ideas, and the courage to implement them.

This is what awaits you. Theory and practice.

We will help you to answer the following questions:

  • How can I best position and prepare myself as a manager in the age of digitalization?
  • Which soft skills are crucial for me and my employees?
  • Which digital tools and agile methods help me in managing my employees?
  • Which attitude and values should I set as an example?
  • What are the criteria for success?
  • How will my leadership style be measured?
  • How do I keep up in my industry?

In order to stay up to date, fit regarding content, and have a good grasp of digital tools and methods, we offer you specific impulses from theory and practice, best-practice examples, experience transfer and know-how, interactive talks, and group discussions as well as practical exercises.

In short: We enable and support you in your digital fitness and in the acquisition of the digital skills required. We are happy to work out a special focus of content together with you and put together the perfect workshop from various modules.

An interdisciplinary team. For up to ten executives.

The “Digital Leadership” workshop package is designed for managers at various levels of a company or institution. With up to ten of your employees, we enlarge upon the topic of digital culture. Our specialists from the fields of transformation, digitalization, technology, human research, and business coaching will address your individual context.

Get ready for the future! Give us a call.

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