Digital Media Supply Chain.<br>Working like a pro.

Digital Media Supply Chain.
Working like a pro.

The rapid and targeted use of digital media – such as video and 3D files – is becoming increasingly important for a company’s success – and not only when it comes to marketing. With our Digital Media Supply Chain solutions, we offer companies exactly those tools with which the leading players in the media and entertainment industry work.

Audi as an example: The company manages its media assets in a DMSC system built by us – online and across departments.

Content is king. And quite valuable.

Back in 1996, Bill Gates boiled down the importance of (good) content for companies to just three words: “Content is king.” Nothing has changed about that. On the contrary: Today, it is more important than ever to efficiently process and effectively use digital content.


Every media asset you own should be able to contribute value!

Frank Zahn

Managing Director and Founder of Exozet

Frank Zahn

The right solution. Made by a market leader in the media and entertainment segment.

For over ten years, we have been developing individual digital asset management systems for leading media houses like ZDF and the BBC for example. Together with the future back-end users – the editors above all – we create concepts for workflows, the role and rights management system, and everything else that is necessary to efficiently use digital content. And then we implement all that technically – in an agile and user-centric development process.

We use our know-how from the media industry to offer exactly such professional tools to other companies as well: We develop a customized system for you which precisely maps your company-specific Digital Media Supply Chain.

Digital Media Supply Chain. What is that?

The term describes the entire process of providing digital media – videos for example – from the source (content provider) to the destination (content user). Just like with physical products, digital media undergo various processing steps in order to be optimally used by different target groups on different terminals.

All assets. In every department.

With our Digital Media Supply Chain solutions, you can optimally manage and edit all media assets that are already available in the company or newly produced, and use them purposefully in all desired departments and areas – no matter if in marketing, sales, or support, in corporate communications or in talent management for example.

Every – often elaborately produced – content element can be used optimally. And not only once.


Your universe. In one system.




Build the perfect Digital Media Supply Chain for your company! Highly efficient and future-proof. With us.

Our solutions are extremely flexible. You decide

  • which kinds of media asset shall be managed in the system.
  • which existing systems shall be integrated as sources.
  • which detail information on the assets shall be retained.
  • who shall have what kind of access to which assets.
  • which functions shall be available for the editing of assets.
  • which user groups shall have their own user interface.
  • which distribution channels can be used.


© Audi AG

One system for all. Audi manages thousands of videos with a Digital Media Supply Chain.

"Vorsprung durch Technik" (progress through technology), also holds true internally at Audi. Together with us, the Ingolstadt-based company has developed an innovative Digital Media Supply Chain solution. This enables employees to efficiently manage, edit, release, and distribute videos and other media assets company-wide.

To the project

Pretty damn smart. Our DMSC solutions.

Over ten years of experience – that’s what you can profit from. Because our DMSC solutions contain the know-how from numerous projects with successful media and brand companies. An advantage that pays off.

Total flexibility: Modular structure and interfaces

All functionalities of our DMSC solutions are organized in individual, independent services. As a result, individual components can be flexibly added, substituted with external services, or removed completely. We control all of these system components using custom-made interfaces, so that we can adjust the transmission of data and information specifically to your needs. Because of this API-centric approach, the DMSC can perfectly integrate itself into your existing system environment, replace it completely, or only work partly with existing systems.

Efficient back end: Digital asset management

A core component of the DMSC is digital asset management, DAM in short. This back-end component manages all files in the background, and also performs such tasks as the extraction and writing of metadata from and into the files. Furthermore, the DAM automatically generates thumbnails which can be used within the system but also for exports and distributions.

All formats in one system: Input and transcoding

Owing to the flexible structure of our DMSC solutions, we can integrate any kind of data that you would like to save and process into the system: Images and graphics, video files and streams, VR and AR elements, documents and plain text, etc. All of these assets can be loaded into the DMSC directly from external sources thanks to interfaces, including existing metadata of course.

In addition, you can also get your assets into the system via manual upload and directly process them. No matter if images, audio files, videos, or documents, and regardless which format, our conversion and transcoding engine can transform the source files of your assets into one or more desired output formats later on directly in the DMSC.

Extensive functions, comfortable handling: Headless CMS

The “Headless CMS”, which is also controlled via an API, is the central component for your employees: An editorial interface that we can not only easily customize according to your needs and company processes but also individually design for various user groups. Of course, there are different views to browse, organize, and manage media and data sets. The interface is responsive, so that it is also comfortable to use on mobile devices.

Tailored to their needs: Special user interface for Audi dealers.

Furthermore, our DMSC uses a sophisticated role and rights management system. That way, you can control access and editing rights in the system specifically for groups and individual users. That means that all users can only see the information that is actually relevant to them. We can also integrate an acceptance and approval system into the DMSC which precisely maps your internal processes and responsibilities.

When managing and editing the individual data and media sets, lots of powerful yet comfortable tools can facilitate your work: With clip and image editors, you can edit videos and pictures directly within the system, no download necessary.

An index-based search function allows for intuitive research of media and data sets even in very extensive databases. Other features are a history, with which you can transparently track changes to data sets and the system itself, and notifications, which keep you up to date on important events or tasks, and much more.

To all recipients: Distribution via mouse click

The DMSC also manages your broadcast or distribution channels. In it you can freely configure which file formats, thumbnails, or metadata a channel requires. After you start distribution, the system computes the respective file formats and exports them to the configured third-party systems. Metadata can be transmitted per API but also per XML or CSV.

That way, you can deploy your assets to your distribution channels in a targeted way with just one click: Website, intranet, or mobile app, CDN or streaming platforms like Vimeo and YouTube, etc. And you can reach all your target groups – no matter if employees, customers, business partners, or the media for example.



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