Games for businesses.<br>Playfully persuasive.

Games for businesses.
Playfully persuasive.

Digital games help bring brands, products, and services to life. They offer companies the opportunity to present themselves in an entertaining and sustainable way and to create motivating experiences – with customers, partners, and employees. But what makes a game successful? We know the answer.

Proven a million times over: We have been developing digital games for many years – including popular classics like "Catan."

More than 15 years of experience. We are your partner for game development.

With over 150 apps and games released, and millions of satisfied players, we are one of the most successful game developers in Germany.

Besides digital adaptations of beloved board games such as Catan and Carcassonne, we also produce successful brand games for international clients such as Ferrero, Haribo, and Red Bull, family apps such as HABA’s “Orchard” or Playmobil’s “Pirate treasure” as well as social, edutainment, and hybrid games.

Full service. For your success.

What makes a game successful? We believe it’s the right combination of attractive content, captivating user experience, innovative technology, and targeted marketing. That’s why we are at your side during every phase of the game development process, from the first concept to the visual and technical implementation to the marketing measures. At that, you can profit from our long-standing experience, our comprehensive know-how, and – last but not least – the passion with which our team develops new, unique game experiences time and again.


5 steps to a successful game. With us.

Ideation & prototyping

Together with you, we develop ideas for your game, build a prototype, and test it with real users. And all that in only a few days because we work with innovative creative methods.

Concept & design

When the idea is set, we develop detailed concepts and sketches: For the game design, the look and feel, and the user interfaces. All of them made to fit your corporate identity and the preferences of your target groups.

Visual & technical implementation

Now we're getting specific: Our artists "build" your experience world and all game elements. And with a highly performant implementation, our developers provide for an optimal user experience.

Testing & quality assurance

Better safe than sorry. During and after development, we test the game concept, design, and technical implementation – with our QA team and real users. For a truly appealing game.

Implementation & marketing

Even after the game is finished, we are happy to support you. We take care of suitable distribution channels, develop a roadmap for marketing measures, and track the usage.

Many game varieties, one goal: Delighted users.

Brand games. We create worlds.

Gaming is entertainment and emotion. It’s the ideal channel to create an experience world for your target groups that leaves a positive impression. Brands are experienced as more authentic in an emotional setting. Games increase the recognition value and thus generate a strong brand awareness. We are experts for brand games – not least because as an agency, we develop brands ourselves and therefore understand them.


Social games. We connect people.

Playing alone is a thing of the past. Social games are more popular than ever. Their success lies in the social cooperation and an easy access to the games. Especially the female target group appreciates being able to play together with friends. Interaction increases the fun factor and creates viral effects. Our portfolio contains various social games and board games – from a game accompanying a TV series to a casual club simulation to a multiplayer infrastructure concept.

Our apps for kids. Not only popular with children.

Children’s apps are fascinating for even the youngest among us. In order not to overwhelm children and to give them a real value, we observe media-educational guidelines during the implementation. Good children’s apps are easy to handle, not overloaded, and they have a learning effect. We follow these principles consequently and from conviction. Our children’s apps and family games delight children with their lovingly designed graphics and intuitive controls.


Edutainment. The fun way of learning.

The goal of edutainment games is to impart knowledge and skills in a fun and engaging way. Intrinsic motivation is what makes people love to play games. Our experienced development team maintains close ties with researchers and operates according to the latest educational principles. We create games for every platform and every genre: Game-based learning, games for health, persuasive games, virtual trainings, and more.

Hybrid games. When analog and digital worlds intertwine.

The strict separation between digital and analog is a thing of the past: Hybrid games are designed to unite both worlds. Our team has many years of experience with the relevant technologies and has already successfully realized a range of different hybrid projects.

  • Catan “Play it smart”: Expansion of the classic board game with the accompanying app “Räuber von Catan” (‘Robbers of Catan’) and a special robber game piece
  • Dice+: Pairing of high-tech dice with Bluetooth technology and iOS/Android devices
  • Various virtual and augmented reality experiences
  • Pairing with Smart Toys (RFID, Bluetooth Low Energy)
  • Connection with Beacon technology (iBeacon und Android)
  • Near-field communication (NFC)
  • Partnerships with technology providers in the connected toys segment like “Seebo”


Connected worlds. We develop games for all platforms and devices.


A successful game rarely lives on Android and iOS alone. That’s why the name of our game is: Success on all devices! We develop for mobile devices, desktop, browser, game consoles, and VR devices. Our portfolio contains numerous examples of multi-platform games.

Besides a successful technical platform adaptation, our goal is also the optimization of content according to the respective strengths and limitations of the target platform.

Our technical expertise. An overview.


  • iOS development since 2009
  • Apple developer and enterprise partner
  • All Apple devices and iOS versions since 2009 available in-house
  • Native development
  • Low-level optimization of game engines like Cocos2d-x, Exozet OpenGL Engine
  • 2009: Release of our first Unity-based iOS title


  • Comprehensive project experience since 2010
  • Close partnership with Google
  • Origina apps and mobile portings
  • Java- and Kotlin-based native apps
  • Professionally optimized export from Unity
  • Integration of platform-specific services (e.g. Google Play, Amazon)
  • All relevant groups of devices and OS versions available
  • Additional options for external testing via cloud services


  • Development of web games based on HTML5 (browser, mobile)
  • Realization of WebGL-based 2D and 3D games (Unity)
  • Optimization for mouse and touch user interfaces
  • Responsive design
  • Scalable CityBuilder engine with daily real-time events


  • Licensed developer for Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo platforms
  • App and game development and porting
  • Scalable controller support from simple remote controls to game controllers
  • Support of platform-specific features like voice input

Windows 10

  • Microsoft agency partner
  • Implementation of the first Xbox LIVE async multi-player title (by order of Microsoft Studios)
  • Pioneer developer of Win8 and WP8 titles
  • Expertly optimized Windows Store export from Unity
  • Optimization for Windows Stores on smartphones, tablets, and desktop
  • Optimization for Steam and Windows 10
  • All relevant reference device groups and versions available

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