Ideation & prototyping.<br>Creativity is contagious.

Ideation & prototyping.
Creativity is contagious.

Together with you we get creative and develop innovative solutions for the digital change – and the success of your company. For that, we rely on tried and tested co-working formats like design sprints and creative prototyping.

Working together towards innovative solutions. How you stay successful in the future.

We offer you an extensive set of methods to conceptualize creative ideas for your digital products and services in a short amount of time – and to test them directly with real users. For that, we work as a team: In workshops with you and your experts. That way we combine our expertise and make you fit for the future.

Your benefits: With our agile methods you do not only save time and resources, but you also gain insights that can be validated and a high level of commitment on the part of your employees.

An overview of our methods.

Inspiration workshops

Together we experience and analyze digital trends and technical innovations – suitable to your business.

Design thinking workshops

As a team, we analyze your needs, develop specific solutions, and test them directly with the users.

Design sprints

In only five days, we develop a prototype – from the idea to testing it with a target group.


When the concept is ready, we run a “programming marathon“ with you.

Creative prototyping

The goal of this agile teamwork is a “Minimum Viable Product (MVP)“, that is a first marketable product.

Inspiration workshops. Discover, experience, experiment.

We inspire you and your employees in our workshops – and we will lead you on a journey: Together we experience new technologies and methods of operation, and we discover what these can accomplish specifically for your business.

For that, we proceed methodically:

  • Experience innovations quite subjectively and emotionally
  • Analyze innovations from different perspectives
  • Apply innovations to your specific business

Design thinking. Innovation in six steps.

An interdisciplinary team works in a focused manner on one question – to find the underlying problem and to develop a solution to it.

Step 1: Understand
Building a common, deep understanding of the problem area

Step 2: Observe
Building up empathy for the users and their situation in the form of interviews

Step 3: Define
Transforming the knowledge gained into usable possibilities

Step 4: Ideate
Developing many ideas and selecting the one with the greatest potential

Step 5: Prototype
Building a testable prototype

Step 6: Test
Testing the prototype with the users and sketching a roadmap for iteration


Design sprints. Five days and one goal.

Design sprints combine the best of the design thinking concept and the lean startup method. They shorten the decision time whether resources and budget should be invested into an idea to just five days. The goal is to develop, model, and test a product or service idea. The result: A tested prototype – for example on paper, as a role-playing game of a service, or as source code. And never forget: Always in the focus is the most important stakeholder, and that is the consumer.

Creative prototyping. Together to the MVP.

Our factors for success are a strong, interdisciplinary team, new prioritization every day, and our stack of the latest technologies and equipment.

  • Not everything is pre-defined down to the last detail at the start of the project: The team members can bring in new ideas at any time.
  • The solution is continuously improved through regular reviews and tests with possible target groups. We incorporate the feedback received already on the following day.
  • The result is a Minimum Viable Product (MVP): A functional product which will only be developed further after the market launch.

Hackathons @ Exozet. Creative coding.

As a team, we develop software that is useful and/or entertaining. What is needed are creative minds who enjoy technology and functionality. Duration: 1 day or more | Participants: Developers of all kinds | Motivation: Having fun coding! | Goal: Realizing one or several project ideas | Approach: Topic- or technology-related | Result: Functional software | Catering must-haves: Pizza and mate tea :)

Formats & technologies: Anything is possible!

The goal of our ideation formats is to develop individual and innovative solutions. What’s important: To keep an open mind! Because depending on the issue, the ideal format for your product can be quite different.

We are familiar with all important technologies – as consultants and developers:

  • Immersive technologies (VR & AR)
  • Mobile & apps
  • NewTV & video management
  • Websites & platforms
  • Games & gamification
  • Blockchain & artificial intelligence

Use our experience – and our creativity! We look forward to working with you.

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