Immersive media.<br>Dive in and enjoy with all your senses.

Immersive media.
Dive in and enjoy with all your senses.

You not only want to impress your target groups, but also want to motivate them in the long term? With immersive media, we can do just that! Virtual and augmented reality are no short-lived hypes. Rather, they are innovative media with which you can emotionalize and retain both customers and employees better than ever before.

Communicate with virtual and augmented reality. It’s worth it!

We create new worlds in which users can immerse themselves completely, in which they are highly concentrated and forget space and time. Simply because it’s fun. Whether it’s about experiencing products, discovering brand worlds, or working together with others: We develop the right solution for you and your target groups!

Virtual reality: Discovering the world.

In our VR applications, we bring the virtual space to life: Users move in another world, where they can explore and try things in a playful way, where they can make new experiences and go beyond their previous limits.

How this world looks, depends on the idea – and your design specifications. We design the virtual environment according to your wishes: It can be completely natural or fully fantastical.

Service design

Together with you, we develop ideas for individual immersive media applications and test them in the form of prototypes with real users.

UX concept & design

We focus on your users and develop UX concepts and interface designs based on detailed analyses.

Technical implementation

We implement the ideas and concepts in an agile process and develop quality-assured and high-performance applications for you.

Installation & on-site support

Our VR and AR experts will be happy to support you in setting up and using your applications – worldwide.

Our specialty: Multi-sensory VR experiences.

Thanks to VR glasses, 3D sound, and stimuli on several sensory levels, our VR applications become multi-sensory experiences that will definitely be remembered.

We increase the excitement – for example with:

  • Hoverboards
  • Wind machines
  • Smoke machines
  • Fragrance dispensers
  • Rumble packs, etc.

A good example: Our Audi e-tron VR experience with real wind


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Augmented reality: Enhancing the real world.

Getting help – no matter where you are: With Exozet's remote support

With our AR applications, we enhance reality with virtual information and experiences. We develop AR applications not just for AR headsets, but also for AR-capable smartphones and tablets as well as head-up displays.

The range of potential uses is vast:

  • Remote support for technical repairs
  • Animated product explanations
  • Visualizations in museums and learning environments
  • Navigation and location-based apps
  • Interactive films and games
  • and much more

Volumetric recordings: From every angle

We also use volumetric images in our applications: Where normally one camera would capture the situation from one position, a multitude of cameras and sensors are used at different positions. These capture colors and depth of the people and objects in a scene. The composite image of all cameras becomes an interactive space with the help of VR glasses: Films become spaces to walk around in!

Technical expertise: Development in our own lab.

Augmented or virtual reality, with or without motion controller – in our labs in Berlin and Hamburg, we develop immersive applications with the latest technologies, for example for the following platforms:

  • HTC Vive Pro and Vive Focus
  • Oculus Rift and Oculus Go
  • Samsung Gear VR
  • Google Daydream and Cardboard
  • Microsoft HoloLens and Mixed Reality
  • Sony PlayStation VR

Visit us and enter the future!

Thomas Bedenk
Thomas Bedenk
Director Immersive Media
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+49 177 81 61 71 9
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