Mobile apps.<br>Always simple, always at hand.

Mobile apps.
Always simple, always at hand.

Mobile apps are popular, no doubt about it. In Germany, their use is increasing even more than in any other country. But the demands and expectations of users have also risen significantly. They expect applications that satisfy their particular needs and are easy to use. Together with our clients, we develop exactly such solutions. Solutions that inspire.

Mobile applications since 2004. We are pioneers of app development.

We’ve been developing mobile applications since 2004 – back before they were even called ‘apps’. Since then, we’ve created around 150 mobile solutions – for very different needs and platforms. We are happy to use this knowledge to your advantage as well: In joint idea workshops, we will quickly find the right solution for you. Or we can take care of the professional implementation of your app idea straight away and support you in marketing it.

Service design

Together with you, we develop innovative ideas and test them as prototypes with real users in our labs.

UX concept & design

We focus on your users and develop UX concepts and interface designs based on detailed analyses.

Technical app development

Our experienced mobile developers ensure the best technical implementation of your app – quality-assured and highly performant.

App store support & marketing

We are happy to take over the app store and review management for you and to develop marketing measures.

Native app development: Apple iOS.

We have been developing apps for the Apple operating system iOS since 2008 and have realized more than 50 products so far: From EPG apps and mobile TV to iPad magazines, e-commerce applications, and games.

Your benefits:

  • We are Apple Developer and Enterprise Partner.
  • We develop not only for iPhone and iPad, but also for Apple Watch and Apple TV.
  • For development and testing, we have all Apple devices and iOS versions since 2008 available in-house.

Native app development: Android.

Google’s Android is by far the most widely used mobile operating system in the world. We have extensive experience with the implementation of Android projects – whether as apps developed specifically for Android or as mobile porting.

Your benefits:

  • We work in close partnership with Google and Amazon and are a certified Google Developer.
  • In addition to apps for smartphones and tablets, we also develop for Android TV & Fire TV as well as for wearables and IoT components.
  • In order to cover as many devices as possible during testing, we have over 100 Android devices available.

One for all: Cross-platform development.

A stand-alone user-friendly app is good – being able to use a product across different platforms is better! That way, your users can seamlessly switch between desktop, iPhone, and Android tablet, for example.

Among others we have experience in:

  • Development of cross-platform apps with Unity, Xamarin, Cordova, or React Native
  • Development for other platforms: Amazon Kindle, Microsoft Mediaroom (Entertain Box), proprietary systems

All data under control: Content management.

We develop customized content and digital asset management systems for a dynamic data management – on the basis of open-source technologies, our in-house framework, or commercial systems:

  • Intuitive user interface
  • APIs for app integration
  • Plug-ins for push-notification services & social media
  • Vertical content management for the distribution in diverse front ends
  • Flexible workflow engine
  • Role and rights management
  • Geodata management, Google Maps integration
  • Integration in Google Firebase
Tirol Werbung travel guide app

Local knowledge.
Location-based services.

Where am I? What's nearby? How do I get there? For a lot of mobile applications, the user's location is relevant. Thanks to location-based services, we create significant added value for your app, for example with: Integration of Google Maps, Apple Maps, or other providers of map material and offline maps | indoor navigation systems | beacon technology (Bluetooth LE) | notifications for places nearby based on an offline POI list | geo-fencing | dynamic, location-based reward systems

Integrated in countless apps: SDK development.

A software development kit (SDK) is like a special digital toolbox that simplifies the integration of your functionalities into partner apps. We not only create a simple connection but also integrate complex, automated processes.

We develop mobile SDKs for example for:

  • Payment solution providers
  • Video players
  • Game back-end providers
  • etc.

Approved quality: Testing and QA.

Even the best idea can fail if the quality of the finished product is not right. That’s why quality management is so important to us. In our established testing workflow, we use both automated and manual tests. We continuously test for:

  • Functionality
  • Design, usability, and UI
  • Accessibility, compatibility, and platform guidelines
  • Security, performance, and confounding effects
  • Continuous integration and reporting
  • Localization and correct wording
  • Legal requirements, etc.

And the most important test: User acceptance!



Bring the app to the user? We’re on it!

In addition to the creative and technical development of the app, we are also happy to support you with sales and marketing, which includes:

  • App store support: Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Amazon App Store
  • Preparation: App compilation | certificate creation | screenshot, video, and description production | app upload
  • Operation after launch: Crash-log analysis | review management | tracking analysis | community management
  • Marketing support: Promotions, features in app stores
  • Efficient ad integration
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