Motivational design.<br>Reach your goal playfully.

Motivational design.
Reach your goal playfully.

Why do players not give up despite failing 80% of the time? Because they are motivated and have fun! We can learn from games, and we apply this recipe for success to digital products, services, and processes.

We increase the use of your digital products and applications. Measurably.

Games communicate perfectly:

  • They give us a significant goal with personal relevance.
  • They provide relevant information in an understandable and motivating packaging.
  • They break down huge tasks into manageable steps and visualize our progress through meaningful feedback.
  • They help us to learn new patterns of action and always provide a new challenge.

But how can we use this recipe for success for the development of digital products and services – like online configurators or virtual employee trainings, for example? With systematic motivational design!

This innovative method is also frequently called gamification and stigmatized as a points-and-badges system – and is thus reduced to its feedback instrument. If applied correctly however, motivational design holds the potential to maximize the joy of using an application and thereby also its acceptance.

What defines good motivational design:

  • Triggering extrinsic motivation: First, we provide an external impulse why users should use your product, a bonus scheme, for example.
  • Using intrinsic motivation: We make it fun. Because when users like to use your product, they will want to invest more time – your product becomes permanently successful.
  • Learning new patterns of action: We enable tangible learning achievements due to transparency of information, real-time feedback, and the dynamic adjustment of challenges to the user’s progress.

How we reach your goal in a playful way:

  • User engagement: Our applications are fun to use – the user likes to spend more time with your product or service.
  • User retention: We incentivize users to return to your product and give them good reasons to use it regularly.
  • Reach & user acquisition: We make your product or service personally relevant to the users. That way, we boost their enthusiasm to talk about it and motivate others to use it.
  • Onboarding & knowledge transfer: We make it easy for users to understand your application and facilitate knowledge transfer – even with complex issues.

Lots of good ingredients. The secret recipe for motivation.

Purpose & milestones

People are more motivated when they know why they are doing something. The goal of our actions has to be in focus and has to have a personal relevance. Goals have to be achievable, and for that purpose they have to be broken down into manageable milestones.


We prefer to face a challenge that is slightly above our action level. If it is too hard, we are afraid to approach a task. On the other hand, if it is too easy, we get bored. A dynamic challenge is the key to a good flow.


Humans are the perfect pattern recognition “machines”. We have a natural interest in identifying and understanding patterns and rule systems. Humans simply love to learn. The only condition: We need access to patterns unknown to us.


When we define clear rules and general conditions, we give the user an autonomous space to play. That way, independent solutions with great learning success can be developed.

Real-time feedback

To know if we are doing something right or wrong, feedback is essential. Digital media allow us to comment on all user interactions in real-time to provide motivating feedback.

Collaboration vs. competition

People are different from each other. Some seek the competition, others need solidarity. Collaboration helps users to pursue a common goal and to support each other.

Experience and expertise. Game development since 1996.

For about 20 years, we have been designing and developing playful entertainment applications. We use this accumulated gaming expertise to develop successful solutions for our clients: Digital products, services, and processes that users love to use – thanks to motivational design!

Thanks to our agile methods like design sprints, we are able to develop and test new ideas in a very short time – ideally in co-creation with you.

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