User experience. Feeling good.

User experience. Feeling good.

You would like to know what we understand by a well-made user experience? Or how we turn your digital products and services into benchmarks? With pleasure! We’ll show you how we work.



What do the users expect?

We’ll figure it out.

UX is a lot more than a beautiful design. It’s about how the users experience a product or a service in its entirety – from visuals to controls to utility. And those strongly depend on their expectations. That’s why we put the users in the center – right from the beginning.


That’s how we work. Our user-centric UX process.


Depending on the requirements, together with you we analyze your targets and target groups, develop personas and customer journeys, and test ideas and prototypes with potential users – always with the goal of exceeding expectations and inspiring the users. Only then does an idea become a beautiful design. We’ll make sure of it.

If a product or service works like the user expects it to, that's great. If I receive a smile on top of that, I have won.

Helge Looft

Associate Creative Director

For example: Complete relaunch of ZDFmediathek


The television of the future.

More than 90 m. visits per month

Content flow, composition and structure of the contents, design, and user guidance: In a co-creation process and intensive workshops with ZDF, we have turned everything upside down and have developed an integrated and user-centric UX concept which models the customer journey across all devices.

Our work paid off: 81 percent of users are satisfied or very satisfied with the new ZDFmediathek online media library. Among 14- to 29-year-olds, that number even rises to 88 percent, making the ZDFmediathek the top-rated streaming service and media library alongside Netflix.


How it works. ZDFmediathek’s recipe for success.

The new ZDF online media library unites the traditional TV experience with a comprehensive on-demand offer and interactive social media functions. Because of that it is appealing to existing as well as to new target groups.

The content is paramount and is not only easy to survey due to clear categories and teasers with strong images, but it also invites users to browse. Convenient functions, personalized recommendations, and the mobile use complete the package. But see for yourself!



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How does a corporate design become a successful digital experience?

We develop the ideal solution for every device.

We are digital experts – and have been for over 20 years. That is important because only with a lot of know-how and experience can a good corporate design be turned into a good user experience. We develop concepts and designs for all digital devices – from PCs to smartphones and tablets to smart TVs and VR headsets. Because of that we can optimally design all digital touch points for you and your target groups – for a seamless customer journey.


Another advantage for you: We work in interdisciplinary teams. Analysts, content strategists, developers – depending on the project and task, selected specialists support our concept designers with the development of the ideal user experience.

The best design for a train is if it also runs at night.

Lucius Burckhardt


For example: Development of a self-service portal for freenet TV


Performance through teamwork.

To the goal in only a few steps – and a smiling face at the end. Nothing less than the ideal user experience is what freenet TV expects from its online portal. Because here is where everything happens: From the reception check to equipment sales to support. That poses high demands not only on the user interfaces, but also on the technology in the background.

And we met them. Because everyone worked hand in hand: Our client as well as our creative and technical teams – from the concept to the implementation. The result is quite impressive. Based on the existing corporate design, we created a portal that is easy to use on a computer as well as on mobile devices, leads quickly to the desired result, and is even fun to use.


How it works. The freenet TV portal’s recipe for success.

From the clear design to the congenial speech to the neat step-by-step structure: Everything is very easy for the users. And to make sure that the performance is right too, our developers have set up both a front end and back end that run like clockwork. That is how to make online service a fun experience.

Step by step to becoming a happy customer: freenet TV's self-service portal.

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And how can we exceed the users’ expectations?

We create products and services that are fun to use.

Well-working products and services can already be satisfying. However, we want to achieve more. We want your target groups to be happy. Because that is a surefire sign that we fulfilled the jointly defined goals or even exceeded them.


And what makes people happy? A compelling story, an entertaining game, and an exciting world in which they can immerse themselves completely. For example. And that is why storytelling, gamification, and immersion are three of our most successful UX approaches.

Fun is another word for learning.

Raph Koster

Game Designer

For example: Immersive storytelling in the Center of Science Activities


Immersive and playful learning.

The mission was clear: Getting young people excited about science and technology. Our digital consultants and UX experts developed the solution together with the Graz-based children’s museum FRida & freD: An adventure that combines storytelling, gamification, and augmented reality.

Inspired by a fascinating framework story, the young visitors move through three of the museum’s rooms on their own and discover secrets and puzzles that have to be solved. For that they control a number of virtually augmented hands-on exhibits. Always along for the ride: The small flying AR robot H.I.G.G.S. (Hyper Intelligent Guiding Gadget System). He is (mostly) helpful in solving the tasks.



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Experience design. What we can do for you.

UX analysis and benchmarking

User research and personas

Ideation workshops and user journey maps

Wireframes and mockups

Prototyping and user testing

Motivational design and game design

Content strategy and storytelling

Artwork and user interface design

Front-end design and design systems


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