Web & platforms.<br>Complexity can be so simple.

Web & platforms.
Complexity can be so simple.

We love challenges. That’s why we specialize in complex websites and portals. Whether it’s a corporate website, a service portal, or an entertainment platform, we make it as easy as possible for both, the users and those who take care of the content – with user-friendly front and back ends.

Design, content, performance. The triad for successful websites and portals.

More than 20 years of experience have made us well-versed, and yet we still think anew with every project. Together with you, we’ll take a close look: What do we want to achieve with the website and what do the users expect? Because no matter if for the goal of information, service, or entertainment: In the end, your website not only needs to be easy on the eyes and simple to use, it must also be completely and utterly satisfying in order to really be successful.

Not just pretty. Our UX and UI concepts.

Our user experience experts tell your story and create an easy-to-use interface design precisely tailored to your target group, and which is fun to use – in a browser, on a tablet, or on a smartphone.

  • Our concepts and designs are based on a profound analysis and definition of your brand identity.
  • We develop integrated user experience concepts based on customer life cycles, user journeys, user flows, and personas.
  • With wireframing, storyboarding, prototyping, and usability tests, we develop responsive and accessible interface designs.

Fitting all screens. Our responsive front ends.

On the sofa, on the train, or at the desk: We develop responsive front ends with the latest technologies to present your content on all screens in the best way.

  • The principle “one HTML code – one content” allows you to efficiently produce and maintain your content.
  • Always the best browser utilization with progressive enhancement: Basic content is the same for everyone. For larger displays and more powerful browsers, the websites are expanded step by step.
  • We develop accessible websites according to the W3C’s WCAG and BITV 2.0.

Service design

Together with you, we develop innovative ideas and test them as prototypes with real users in our labs.

UX concepts & design

We focus on your users and develop UX concepts and interface designs that inspire.

Technical development

Our experienced developers ensure the best interaction between back and front end – quality-assured and highly performant.

Hosting & support

We are happy to take care of the further development and hosting of your platform and support you with content strategy and marketing.

Working in the background. Our back-end solutions.

A high-performance website needs a professional back end that is customized to your needs. This can be an all-encompassing content and asset management system or a lean minimal solution.

  • With a powerful back end, we implement professional workflows.
  • We develop solutions for the cloud, dedicated hosting, or your existing system landscape.
  • We construct the appropriate architecture for your platform, for example with separate services as microservices.

For content kings. Our asset management systems.

Our content and asset management systems have one goal: To make your work as easy as possible. That is why we focus on an intuitive handling and on customizing the system individually to your editing and administration processes.

  • Focus editing: Intuitive and easy to use with extensive features like rich-text editor, preview function, batch editing, etc.
  • Focus administration: Scalable according to your needs when it comes to rights and role management, approval processes, theming, etc.
  • Focus integration: Perfect adaptation to your infrastructure via upload per drag & drop, data transmission via API or FTP, etc.

Moving pictures. We put video in the spotlight.

We’re professionals when it comes to video. For over ten years, we have been developing video management systems for our clients – Audi, the BBC, and ZDF, for example. So we know what’s important, and we integrate special functions for professional video editing and distribution. That includes:

  • Video editing with the clip editor
  • Marker and subtitle function
  • Surface-tag editor to edit ad spaces inside of videos
  • Quality gate for the quality assurance of videos, automatic checking of black screens, sound losses, fragments, etc.
  • Transcoder with editorial format administration

Headless CMS. One back end for all front ends.

With classic content management systems (CMS), the content is often still closely linked to the page logic and design. The editors therefore have to think of and determine the presentation in the front end when creating content in the back end. A headless CMS is different. The focus here is on pure content creation. The front ends are developed and designed separately. That way, content once produced can be played out at any time on a wide variety of channels and front ends – such as websites or mobile and TV apps – via customized APIs. This ensures a maximum of efficiency, flexibility, and sustainability.

Connecting data. We create interfaces and integrate systems.

We ensure that front end and back end communicate smoothly with each other: With suitable interfaces. We connect existing systems, add new ones, and also integrate data streams from third-party providers into the system.

We have experience with:

  • Connecting cloud services
  • Developing middleware for existing back-end services
  • Aggregating several server requests for a faster delivery
  • Session handling, caching, and merging of data
  • Data compression on API and protocol level
  • Planning and transferring of inventory data (data migration)
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