A rewarding investment.
For fans and club alike.


FanTV. The Netflix for football clubs.

The club’s own video and streaming portal. Football clubs can score points with their fans – and earn money at the same time. With FanTV, we offer you a platform that has been specifically developed for this purpose. A lucrative business model – as some Bundesliga clubs have already discovered.

Exclusive and unique. Your very own video and streaming portal.

With FanTV you can provide your fans with the ultimate club video portal. Subscribers benefit from exclusive content and offers for their club. With current videos and live streams of highlights, training sessions, press conferences, test matches, and other events, fans have never been closer to their club. With the context-related information and offers, they feel perfectly well looked after.

  • In your style.

    FanTV keeps you unique: We design your portal according to your design specifications.

  • On the road, anywhere.

    No matter if tablet, smartphone, or desktop: With FanTV, your video and streaming portal offers full functionality on all devices.

  • Smart on TV.

    Big matches on big TVs: With the SmartTV app, your moving pictures also run on the big screen.

  • How it pays off.
    The business model.

    FanTV is well worth it. Because we have not only developed an attractive and technically innovative product, but also a business model with which you are on the safe side.

Small risks. Big payoff.

We offer two licensing models. With the success-based participation license, you are on the safe side. With the flat-rate license model, you can maximize your profit.

Exclusive content. Exclusive access.

Insights that no one else has – as a video or live stream: Many fans want exactly that – and are willing to pay money for it. Our subscription and easy payment service make this possible.

Shop online. Here and now!

Ordering a specific jersey? Or the ticket for the return match? On the spot? Not a problem: With context-related promotional offers implemented directly in the video player.

Strong partners. Well positioned.

With FanTV you are able to integrate your advertising and sponsoring partners prominently in various places: As teasers or banners, in your content or background, before, during, or after a video...

FanTV. Highlights at a glance.

Enthusiastic fans.

  • Multi-client capable video platform tailored to football clubs
  • Attractive presentation of video-on-demand and live-streaming content
  • Real-time experience with timeshift function and game-data integration
  • Layout in the corporate design of the club as well as integration into the digital club universe

A convincing business model.

  • Subscription system for exclusive content such as interviews, re-live, highlights, behind the scenes, press conferences, test games, etc.
  • Prominent placement of sponsors and partners: Page branding, partner stage, playlist teaser, pre-roll, player overlay, etc.
  • Context-related integration of merchandise articles and promotional offers in videos

Efficient technology.

  • Easy-to-use editorial system – with numerous automated processes for the administration of videos
  • Interfaces to existing systems and single sign-on incl. payment for all services like ticket services, merchandise shops, hospitality services, etc.

Who invented it?

We did.