More 3 than sat. How the German-language cultural broadcaster positions itself for the future.

More 3 than sat. How the German-language cultural broadcaster positions itself for the future.

With the new 3sat logo, the number is now clearly the focus, while the reference to satellite broadcasting has moved into the background. This looks good, but above all underlines the channel’s modernization process. With a completely new online media library and app, 3sat is positioning itself more strongly in the digital and non-linear sector.

An expert article by Uwe, June 2019

“Watch differently.” The 3sat tagline has never been more fitting than today.

The power that video-on-demand platforms now have, especially for the target group under 30, was just demonstrated impressively by German YouTuber Rezo: His almost one-hour film about “The Destruction of the CDU” was watched millions of times within a few days. The makers of classic TV programs can often only dream of such a reach.

Well, today we watch television in a different way: Online, where and when we want, in a non-linear fashion. Users are no longer classic “viewers,” but customers who expect a wide range of content, from which they can then choose what currently concerns and interests them.

The cultural broadcaster 3sat is also aware of that – and has completely repositioned itself in the digital sector: With a media library developed by us for web and app.

For 35 years, our slogan 'watch differently' has represented our aspiration: The best program from three countries and four TV channels. From now on, the new media library makes it easier for our viewers to get the 'watch differently' experience online in every way as well.

Natalie Müller-Elmau

3sat coordinator at leading 3sat network channel ZDF

So what’s different about the new 3sat media library?

Many things! It starts with the fact that the media library is now the broadcaster’s central online service. The separation between program website and media library no longer exists. If you enter, you immediately get what you would expect from a TV station: A wide range of video posts. However, in contrast to many other VoD portals, 3sat also provides users with additional text and image information.

Another highlight is the user experience. The new media library is simply fun to use. Its design is bright and friendly and the navigation is so clear and intuitive that you can quickly find the right content. That’s what they all say? True, but we already asked users about their wishes and needs during the development phase and consistently implemented the results. And we were able to contribute our experience with the multiple award-winning ZDFmediathek. As Eckart Gaddum, Head of ZDF’s New Media main editorial department, explains, there are deliberate overlaps:

The new, modern 3sat media library is another building block in the construction of a non-linear, in this case transnational network. It allows us to combine 3sat content from ZDF, ORF, SRF, and ARD, and to intelligently connect the media libraries of the individual broadcasters.

Eckart Gaddum

Head of ZDF's New Media main editorial department

My categories, my topics, my programs.

The main navigation of the new 3sat media library consists of only three items. So I don’t have to think long or even search:

  • If I want to watch classic television, I choose “Programm” (program). Here I can follow the live feed or select specific contributions from the program overview of several weeks – future as well as past ones, so that I don’t miss anything.
  • Depending on my current mood or interests, I can use the “Rubriken | A-Z”  (categories) section. Culture, film, cabaret… here I can find all video contributions in a clear structure. Or I can select my desired program directly from the alphabetical list.
  • If I am interested in something specific, then “Themen” (topics) is the right place for me. Here I can immersive myself in the fascinating 3sat theme worlds and directly watch all related contributions.

And if I don’t really know what I would like to see, I let myself be inspired on the homepage. Here I get recommendations – also personalized if desired – and I learn about what’s new in the media library or what will soon be deleted. There is a watch list as well, of course.


Even more information on the project.

Not just the new brand of 3sat's digital channels is attractive and user-friendly but the technical implementation as well – for users and editors. Find out here how we have developed the new 3sat media library and what the ZDFmediathek has got to do with that.

More on the project

It’s the packaging that matters. If the content is right.

With its new appearance, 3sat meets exactly the expectations regarding modern VoD platforms. This is important because younger target groups in particular really want to “watch differently” today. And with its high-quality program, the cultural broadcaster can score points anyway.

The new app is well-made. It is quick and easy to retrieve, and you can also use the categories and topic pages to find more and more recommendations.

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