Off the beaten track. We develop smart solutions for the automotive industry.

Off the beaten track. We develop smart solutions for the automotive industry.

Like almost no other economic sector, the automotive industry stands for technological innovation. We like that because it’s also what drives us. We love to develop future-oriented products and services. And so we have been working successfully for the automotive industry for many years.

Our automotive expertise at a glance, February 2020

Digital tools. For any eventuality.

“We make millions of people smile.” That is our mission – and our motto when we develop user-centric web, mobile, and virtual reality applications together with our clients from the automotive industry. And that does not only include the final customers because we collaborate with all areas of a company – from research & development to human resources to marketing and after sales.





Brands & products. Discovery with all senses.

Stunning videos, exciting animations, and virtual worlds. In a showroom, at trade fairs, or at other events. On huge video walls, interactive touch tables, or as location-based VR/AR experience. We turn your brands and products into a lasting experience.

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Research & development. Looking to the future.

You have an idea or you are right in the middle of developing a new feature? We can make it tangible. For trade fairs, conferences, or other events. As a real-time visualization oder directly as a prototype. Using a multimedia and interactive approach, and with fun as a priority. Because that’s satisfying.

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New work. Definitely virtual.

Work creatively – without limits. Learn playfully – without risk. Provide on-site support – without travel. Virtual and augmented reality make that possible. We develop tools with which you can revolutionize your processes in the areas of research and development as well as in training and support. All that in real-time 3D, interactive, and so detailed that it seems absolutely real.

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Sales & service. Always available.

Service is in high demand – anywhere and anytime. That is no longer an issue – with the right web and mobile solutions. However, the demands have increased. Partners, employees, clients: All of them expect tools that cater precisely to their needs and are easy to use. With our clients, we develop exactly such solutions. Solutions that inspire.

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Media & communications. On all channels.

One system for everything: Videos, 3D data, photos, and other media assets. For central management and editing – and distribution on all channels. Quick and easy. That is especially important for automotive manufacturers because they have a true treasure of media assets. And they should definitely use it. We offer the right solution: A Digital Media Supply Chain that is completely catered to your requirements.

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