The best support for insurance claims. With our mobile app, Gothaer delights its customers.

The best support for insurance claims. With our mobile app, Gothaer delights its customers.

Which digital services do insurance customers want when processing their motor vehicle claims? Together with Gothaer insurance, we have worked it out in workshops and focus groups and consistently implemented it: As a unique app for mobile phones and tablets.


Support via app. Competent, fast, and transparent.

In the event of a claim, policy holders not only want competent and personal advice, but they also expect their concerns to be dealt with quickly and transparently. With the “Schadentracker”, Gothaer insurance provides its customers with an interactive app that guides them through the entire motor vehicle insurance process – very easy and step by step. Via smartphone or tablet, customers can view the processing status of their claim at any time and are also informed of all important steps via push message.

Service design. Just ask the customers.

Together with Gothaer insurance, we developed the concept, design, and app in an agile process. The focus was on the actual needs of the customers, determined in discussions with focus groups. The result: A customer journey that provides a clear path, focuses on the essentials, and needs just one device.


Personal contact
& digital service!

It's the mix that does it! That is how one central result of our focus group discussions could be summarized. Because we found that customers prefer to make a claim report personally on the phone, but would like to be accompanied digitally in the further settlement process. That's why Gothaer insurance continues to offer its customers personal contact – combined with a transparent, digital solution that keeps customers up to date on all further steps.

Who? What? How? The app always knows.

The Schadentracker guides customers from the personal claim report until the moment of payment – and always provides the currently most important information at a glance: What needs to be done? Who is responsible? At which step are we right now?

In addition, the mobile app supports users wherever it can – for example, when sending documents and photos to Gothaer insurance. The integrated photo assistant helps to transmit the photos and cost estimates required for a specific claim.

Service for everyone. On big and small screens.

We primarily implemented the Gothaer Schadentracker as a mobile app for iOS and Android. That makes it particularly convenient to use: On the one hand, customers can obtain an up-to-date overview at any time and anywhere. On the other hand, they can do everything quickly and conveniently with just one device: Take and send photos, write and receive messages, call their insurance contact, and so on.

In addition, we have also developed a browser version of the Schadentracker because some users want to be able to follow the process “on the big screen”. It’s a good thing we asked.

Back end included. Management tool for insurance employees.

The Gothaer employees also work on the PC. For them, we have developed the counterpart to the customer app: The web-based claims management tool, in which they can process claims quickly and easily. In the clear user interface, they create the claim, check the customer’s entries, photos, and documents, and regulate the workshop process.

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