Making money with digital content. How Tamedia is preparing for the future.

Making money with digital content. How Tamedia is preparing for the future.

For the publishing and media industry, digital change is a major challenge – but also a huge opportunity. Together with Tamedia employees, our Consultants have not only developed a tailor-made paid-content strategy, but also some suitable product ideas.

Paid-content strategy. The basis for a successful realignment.

Publishers and media houses are now in competition with many other providers of digital content, and at the same time, target groups are increasingly reluctant to spend money on such content. In that situation, it is vital to be creative and to develop digital offers that are relevant and attractive to the target groups! That is exactly what we have done for the Swiss media group Tamedia.

In only two months, we analyzed markets, trends, and potential and developed a paid-content strategy that has a lot to offer: New target groups, products, and content as well as fitting bundling and pricing strategies.

We have also developed recommendations for the organizational structure and the technological implementation. This will enable the largest Swiss media group not only to increase its digital revenues, but also to position itself well for the future.


Design thinking. Developing user-centric solutions in a boot camp.

How can a large conglomerate of different analog content be digitally reused? We wanted to answer this question on the basis of the paid-content strategy – and in very concrete terms. That’s why we designed a central design thinking boot camp and realized it together with our client.

In interdisciplinary teams, we developed three independent product ideas including prototypes in just a few days. In that process, the focus was on the users’ needs. However, we also considered the economic and technical feasibility. In the end, we selected the most promising prototype and tested it in our Usability Lab with real users. We documented the results as a basis for the implementation later on.

Analyses, strategies, solutions. Our services at a glance.

  • Trend analysis
  • Best-case analysis
  • Target-group potential analysis
  • Dominant-topic analysis
  • Content analysis
  • Skill analysis
  • Product strategy
  • Bundling strategy
  • Pricing strategy
  • Organization strategy
  • Design thinking workshops
  • Paper prototyping
  • UX testing
  • Business modeling
  • Technical check
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