One system for all. Audi manages thousands of videos with a Digital Media Supply Chain.

One system for all. Audi manages thousands of videos with a Digital Media Supply Chain.

“Vorsprung durch Technik” (progress through technology), also holds true internally at Audi. Together with us, the Ingolstadt-based company has developed an innovative Digital Media Supply Chain solution. This enables employees to efficiently manage, edit, release, and distribute videos and other media assets company-wide.

A must-have by now. Manage, edit, and distribute media assets with a single system.

Audi possesses a real treasure trove of elaborately produced photos, videos, and other moving image content. In order to make the most of these media assets, we implemented a central Digital Media Supply Chain solution for Audi.

Everything in sight. With the perfect strategy.

We developed the strategy and concept for the Digital Media Supply Chain (DMSC) in collaboration with Audi. Our focus was on optimally mapping the complex processes and diverse workflows of editing, administration, and distribution within the company. We started with two, and by now twelve different company departments are working together within the system. Our DMSC solution has become an integral part of Audi’s daily work.

The Exozet system is a
success story at Audi.

Michael Adolf

Head of Digital Content and VR at Audi

Easy-to-use videos. In the showroom for instance.

A core function of the Audi DMSC system is the ability to not only manage and edit content, but also to transmit it directly into the various communication channels.

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An example: A retailer wishes to use a video in his store to advertise a promotional offer. He marks the desired video in the system and thus makes a digital request. The editor responsible for the video receives a message and authorizes the requested use in the system. She can also create a template to determine where and in what form the retailer can integrate his own texts.

After the video has been approved, it is automatically transmitted to the desired channels – all in just a few steps and within one system. That way, users have quick access to a video, but editors retain control over their content.

Edit videos like a pro. With our DMSC solution.

We implemented the Digital Media Supply Chain for Audi on the basis of our own modular DMSC system – which was developed with Symfony and Sonata Bundles. The system is the result of our media and entertainment know-how. Thus, the video transcoding engine and the numerous video-editing features also originate from our specialized development department.

What is possible. For example.

  • Cut and combine videos
  • Embed watermarks, logos, subtitles, etc.
  • Add keywords
  • Create templates with placeholders for individual texts
  • Convert videos to different formats and sizes
  • And much more
Edit videos in the DMSC system with the clip editor.

A success story. And no end in sight.

Together with Audi, we work continuously on the further development of the system. We integrate new technologies such as Cognitive Services for the automated indexing of videos, create support for new asset types, and involve further departments into the workflow.


Another highlight: The Audi DMSC system is headless. This enables us to develop special user interfaces for various user groups, regardless of the content. For example, Audi retailers are provided with a user interface that is precisely tailored to their needs. It is optimized for tablets, reduced to the bare essentials and designed to be particularly striking and clear – ensuring fast handling in the showroom.



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