The arena in your living room. Deutsche Telekom makes sports fans happy with smart TV apps.

The arena in your living room. Deutsche Telekom makes sports fans happy with smart TV apps.

Don’t miss a single game or competition, watch the action live and as close as possible: “Magenta Sport” makes it possible. We have developed TV apps for Deutsche Telekom that bring important sports events directly to the fans’ big screen – optimized and with maximum performance.

Everything a fan’s heart desires. “Magenta Sport” offers sporting events in high-end quality.

Sports fans also want to cheer on their favorite team at home. This works better on a large TV screen than on mobile devices. That’s why TV apps are becoming more and more attractive for both users and content providers. They bring the content directly to the big screen via the internet.

For Deutsche Telekom, we developed a multi-sports app for the leading TV platforms. With “Magenta Sport,” fans can experience the German ice hockey league, various basketball and soccer leagues as well as martial arts competitions exclusively in their living rooms. Thanks to a cooperation with Sky, they also receive premium content from the great world of football and the German handball league.


A win-win situation. For both users and content providers.

Telekom wanted a solution that would excite sports fans as well as ideally fulfill its goals of monetizing its marketing rights. We have been successful in achieving this. Subscribers are able to choose from a wide range of sports and top-class matches. At the heart of the product are a streams of live matches and on-demand match repetitions, all based on the principle of “video first.”



Unique infrastructure. For almost all devices.

During the development of the TV apps, we were able to fully utilize our experience in the media and entertainment sector – from user experience and video conversion to programming including interface management. Telekom customers and subscribers can view high-quality video content on almost all popular smart TV sets and set-top boxes – such as Samsung, LG, NetRange, FireTV, Mediaroom, Telekom NG, Apple TV, and Android TV – all in a design especially optimized for TV devices.




Our services. At a glance.

UX concept and design adaption for TV apps

Technical implementation for almost all smart TV devices and set-top boxes

Management of the APIs that connect to the client’s back end

Operations & ongoing development



Distinguished! The design also convinces experts.

Already for the second time, the German Design Council has honored the Magenta Sport design: As Winner of the German Design Award 2019 in the “Universal Design” category and with a special mention in the “Excellent Communications Design – Web” category. Also, the jury of the iF Design Award 2019 has also awarded Magenta Sport with its renowned label.

The Universal Design was created by design agency Tållbeard and was adapted by us in cooperation with Coeno to ensure the best user experience possible on big screens.

The design of the app is clear and neat and intuitively understandable for many people.


German Design Award 2019


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