Truly watch differently. 3sat completely repositions its digital brand.

Truly watch differently. 3sat completely repositions its digital brand.

The digital renewal of the transnational cultural channel 3sat began with a new logo. In the end, it became a relaunch of all the broadcaster’s digital channels, focussing on two questions: What do our users want? And: How can we best prepare ourselves technically for the future?

All expectations fulfilled. A contemporary VoD experience on all digital channels.

We developed answers to both questions together with the 3sat team in workshops and design sprints. At that, we adjusted the broadcaster’s digital presence completely to the expectations of today’s viewers: With an appealing design, a clear structure, and new features. So now the channel’s tagline fits better than ever before: “Watch differently.”

Innovation meets experience. The way to a new positioning.

Totally flexible. Thanks to Headless Design.

We created the design of the new 3sat media library in such a modular and flexible way that the individual modules can not only be used in different areas of the website but also in the mobile apps.

Thanks to our longstanding experience in the realization of video portals and media libraries, for example of the ZDFmediathek and ORF’s TVthek, we were able to contribute our full expertise in the areas of conception, design, and development. At first, we discussed together with our client how the new 3sat brand guidelines should be realized and how the new brand could be best brought into alignment online – on the website and in the apps.

One important innovation: At, users will now find the media library as the broadcaster’s central online service. Here they can follow the live TV program or browse the on-demand video supply – chronologically organized in the program overview, systematically sorted according to categories, or prepared in terms of content in the theme worlds. Of course, the front end of the 3sat media library is responsive, accessible, and offers user-friendly features like a search function, recommendations, and a watch list.


More background info on the new 3sat brand.

With the new 3sat logo, the number is now clearly the focus, while the reference to satellite broadcasting has moved into the background. This looks good, but above all underlines the channel’s modernization process. Our expert Uwe explains how 3sat repositioned its brand.

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Using synergies. For efficient and comfortable content management.

The technical basis for the 3sat back end is the Sophora content management system, an industry standard in the media sector. We have customized the system according to 3sat’s individual requirements – also incorporating learnings from our work on the ZDFmediathek, which is also based on Sophora, like the use of microservices for a flexible and versatile systems architecture. That way, 3sat can present itself as a distinct brand in the front end, but it profits from the experiences with and developments of the ZDFmediathek in the back end – and vice versa.


However, the connection between 3sat and ZDF goes deeper still: ZDF is the leading channel at 3sat – a joint institution of ZDF, ORF, SRF, and ARD – and here it was a principal concern to intertwine the media libraries of 3sat and ZDF on an editorial level. Consequently, we keep the back-end systems of both clients as technically synchronous as possible, so that green-lit ZDF content can also be used in the 3sat media library and vice versa. 3sat’s network character is also reflected in the front end of the 3sat media library, for example in direct links to the individual program brands of the four TV stations.

From now on, the new media library makes it easier for our viewers to get the 'watch differently' experience online in every way as well.

Natalie Müller-Elmau

3sat coordinator at ZDF

However, our services for 3sat go beyond the conception and realization of front and back end:

  • In parallel to the web front end, we have developed a mobile app for iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire, which follows a video-only approach in response to the users’ needs.
  • Thanks to a content API developed by us, content that is created in Sophora is not only distributed on the website but also in the mobile apps as well as on other external clients like the smart TV apps, for example.
  • We take care of the 3sat media library operations including cloud hosting and technical maintenance – secure and comfortable for our client.
  • We offer trainings for the customized Sophora CMS – so that not only the technical parts are well taken care of but first of all the team as well.

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