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With more than 6,400 experts worldwide, we are reimagining the relationship between people and technology – by combining product & technology strategies, intelligent experiences, and world-class engineering. That is how we help our clients become more engaging, responsive, and efficient.

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You want to advance the digitalization of your company? With innovative products and services? So do we! Because we love to discover potential, develop ideas, build prototypes, and implement the best solution in an agile way. That's what we do as a team – with you and the users!

What lights our flame

What lights

We have a mission: Digital products and services that inspire! Now, and in the future. That’s why we devote ourselves every day to innovative technologies, exciting ideas, and impressive solutions. This is fun for us – and successful for our customers. See for yourself, read our expert articles!

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Football's coming home.
With FanTV.

Your own TV program. Exclusively for fans. Online on every device. That's what we offer football clubs – with our video and streaming platform FanTV.

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Just between you and us …

  • A kind of magic

    This is Melli. She can do magic. No matter what you need or how you are feeling, as our Front Office Manager, Melli always manages to keep up the good vibes. In her spare time, she enchants her audience with her rock band.

  • Super power napping

    This is Moritz. Normally, he sits in front of his monitor and lets cool-as-heck games emerge from his thoughts. Out of the blue! But sometimes even superheroes need a little break ...