Not all heroes
wear capes.

We are Exozet.

We are a powerful team. Because everyone of us has their own special super powers.

  • A hero every day

    It was only supposed to be an internship. But now we won't let him go anymore. Because Pancho is a perfect fit for our heroic admin team. The guys love to solve problems in a fast and successful way. Really!

  • Make a wish

    Everyone here knows Katha. Because not only does she receive (almost) all job applications, she also cares for us amazingly. Trainings, team events, work-life balance... she makes wishes come true.

  • Super power napping

    This is Moritz. Normally, he sits in front of his monitor and lets cool-as-heck games emerge from his thoughts. Out of the blue! But sometimes even superheroes need a little break...

  • Around the world

    Georg is a hero for Audi. Because no matter where in the world he is, he conjures a smile onto people's faces. With his Austrian charm, and with the VR experience that he and his team created for Audi.

  • Heroine on four paws

    This is Nala. Granted, Nala is not as great a developer as her owner, but just by being here, she manages to brighten our day. And those eyes!

  • Football god

    Thomas loves football. That's great for us. Because he not only pushes the envelope with our football team, but also with our very own video and streaming platform "FanTV." Six clubs are already on board.

  • A kind of magic

    This is Melli. She can do magic. No matter what you need or how you are feeling, as our Front Office Manager, Melli always manages to keep up the good vibes. In her spare time, she enchants her audience with her rock band.

  • Captain Barista

    Granted, most of us know that David is a fantastic Solution Architect. However, with the pieces of art he creates on coffee he amazes colleagues time and again.