Welcome to Rulantica! How you can visit the water world even before the opening.

Welcome to Rulantica! How you can visit the water world even before the opening.

On 28 November, it will happen: Rulantica, Europa-Park’s new water world, opens. A lot has been said about it already. No wonder, since there’s a unique attraction for swimming fans in the making. But what does that mean exactly? What can visitors expect? We’ll show you: With our interactive 3D adventure world.


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Discover a fantastic world. Virtually in 3D and very real as of November.

Europa-Park has invested 180 million euros in its gigantic new project: An entire water world with 25 exciting attractions on well over 30,000 square meters. But those are only the numbers. Even more impressing is the elaborate design of the water park. Visitors move through a world of its own named Rulantica. It is divided into nine areas that are populated by fantastical creatures like merfolk, trolls, and sea monsters. Everything is executed with great attention to detail – typical for Europa-Park!

Annual Multimedia Award 2020

The jury has decided: Our microsite “Explore Rulantica” receives the Annual Multimedia Award 2020 in Silver. We are honored!

And we have made exactly that world come to live beforehand – as an interactive 3D environment. At “Explore Rulantica,” potential visitors can discover the fantastic world firsthand. They navigate through the various theme areas and can trigger numerous hotspots with fascinating information on the history, places, and characters of Rulantica. That way, they can fully immersive themselves in that legendary world and get an impression of the real water world.

You can enter the 3D world very easily in a browser – and thanks to innovative technologies also on mobile devices. Why don’t you try it yourself!

Click here for the website: Explore Rulantica!

For web and mobile: The discovery tour starts at Krønasår, the Museum-Hotel.

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