Not all heroes
wear capes.

And how about you?

We've got a mission: We want to make millions of people smile! With smart digital solutions. For that we need a strong team – composed of heroes and heroines with many different skills. How about you, do you want to become part of that? What are your superpowers?

We are Exozet.

You’ll never get bored with us. Because we work for demanding clients. Whether it’s Audi, Telekom, or ZDF, they all come to us with exciting projects and expect breathtaking solutions. That’s why we need an entire team of superheroes working together with their individual superpowers.

At that, you can be yourself and contribute your individual abilities. Because we rely on diversity. Our teams consist not only of people from different work disciplines but also with very different soft skills.

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A strong team.

We are part of the Endava family. With over 6,000 experts worldwide, we are reimagining the relationship between people and technology. Learn more here.


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  • Super power napping

    This is Moritz. Normally, he sits in front of his monitor and lets cool-as-heck games emerge from his thoughts. Out of the blue! But sometimes even superheroes need a little break...

  • Around the world

    Georg is a hero for Audi. Because no matter where in the world he is, he conjures a smile onto people's faces. With his Austrian charm, and with the VR experience that he and his team created for Audi.

  • A kind of magic

    This is Melli. She can do magic. No matter what you need or how you are feeling, as our Front Office Manager, Melli always manages to keep up the good vibes. In her spare time, she enchants her audience with her rock band.

  • Captain Barista

    Granted, most of us know that David is a super Solution Architect. However, with the latte art that he can create he amazes colleagues time and again.

Full speed ahead.
That’s how we’re set up.

In order to fully develop the potential of all of our superheroes and -heroines, we work in teams and chapters.

No matter what our job is, all of us are a part of a team:

  • In our project teams, everyone from the Project Managers or Product Owners to the Developers and QA Managers work on developing the best solutions for our clients.
  • With our Creation and Consulting teams, we also have experts that can support all projects.
  • Last but not least are our support teams: People and Culture and SysAdmins, Sales and Marketing as well as the Management team take care that everything also runs smoothly outside of our projects.

Apart from opportunities for individual training, we also ensure the professional exchange between heroines and heroes with similar superpowers.

That’s why everyone that is directly involved in the technical development of our projects is assigned to a chapter:

  • Each chapter member meets with his or her chapter lead for a 1-on-1 on a regular basis to discuss best practices, cryptic code snippets, or their individual progress in their area of expertise.
  • In addition, there are regular fora with all members of a chapter to exchange ideas and learn from each other.
  • Currently we have the following chapters: DevOps, HTML/CSS, Java, JavaScript, Mobile, PHP, QA, and Unity.

Furthermore, the Creation team and our Project Managers and Product Owners meet regularly as well in order to combine forces and make their work even more innovative and efficient.

Looking good.

Impressions from our Berlin office.


Sounds great? Come and join our team!